Dr. Seuss 2017

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Oh man, I’m tired.
Today wore me out.
How many times can I say,
“Please, don’t shout.”
We read lots of books
written by Dr. Seuss,
But if I read one more
my head will pop loose!
Today was great fun!
Happy birthday, Dr. S.
But I’m glad it’s over
’cause I need some rest!

Valentine’s Day 2017

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It was a wild but wonderful day. Friends, parties, treats, watching the Tulsa Opera, riding the bus, rain (which means, no playground recess).

We started the day by passing out our Valentine’s. There was a bit of confusion on putting Valentine’s IN the bags and not taking them OUT of the bag. Some of the kids were a tad ruffled at the fact someone was removing their treats from their bags! I told the kids it was just a mistake and that today was exciting and kind of crazy. One of my students replied with “yeah, this is the kind of day that can make you lose your mind.”

Preach, kid. Preach.

Lunch Convos

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As I sat with my students at lunch today we were talking about their plans for the holiday. They spoke of trips to big cities, visits with family and relatives and how much they were looking forward to dessert! One of my sweet kiddos spoke up and said, “Mrs. Ward, can we go around the table and say things that we’re thankful for?” Yes! Yes we can!!

We started out with a few typical responses. “I’m thankful for my iPad. I’m thankful for turkey. I’m thankful for dessert.” But to my surprise, and with zero influence from me, the conversation quickly shifted. I began to hear things like, “I’m thankful for my warm blanket at home. I’m thankful for the food I have to eat. I’m thankful for how much my parents and family love me. I’m thankful I get to go to school. I’m thankful for you, Mrs. Ward.” It was so uplifting to listen to these kindergarteners share thankful things. It started my holiday off in the best way possible. What are you thankful for?