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This is Lola. She’s scared of storms. A few weeks ago when we had the crazy storms she decided to jump the fence. Then, after jumping over she decided she wanted back into the yard. So she jumped back over the fence. The 2nd time didn’t go very well. 20+ stitches, a cone of shame the size of a small planet (which, by the way, should be declared as a weapon of mass destruction) & a ridiculous amount of money to an after hours emergency vet later, she’s on the mend!

Love. The End.

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I just read another story of a shooting. This time it was in Miami. I’m tired of the daily lump in my throat and the knots in my stomach. My head is telling me to plug my ears and cautiously watch life through the cracks between my fingers. I feel lost, confused, like I’m wandering around some country I’ve never been to, with people speaking a language I cannot understand. My heart hurts. I’m scared. Scared for the civil servants. Scared for my black friends. Scared for my white friends. Scared for my gay friends. Scared for my democratic friends. Scared for my republican friends. When did it become racist to just disagree? What happened to respecting others opinions, even when they don’t match up with yours? And now we have this….This man complied. He was doing his job. Helping. Did you catch that? HELPING!!!!! I’m overwhelmed. I just cannot grasp why it is so difficult to be kind and to love others. But, I will not let this defeat me or make me lose hope in a chance for a better world. I will not let hate, divisiveness and bigotry steal my joy or blind me from all the good that is happening in communities all over this nation. I will pray. I will forgive. I will love with reckless abandon. Won’t you join me?